Traveling To…Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon USA

Every once in a while we’re in need of an outdoor adventure that connects us to the beauty of nature. Although I have never been to the Grand Canyon, my parents tell me it’s absolutely magical. I wish to go sometime and do a road trip to get an adrenaline rush. Adventure!

Grand Canyon USA outfitThis outfit is what I call it sporty chic. Sporty chic can take you both to the actual sporty or can be totally chic. My style tends to be a bit more offbeat. I love crop tops and high waisted pants so of course I would take the opportunity to dress for comfort. The high-top Nike sneakers are totally in. Add in unique friendship bracelets, funky glasses, and a cool watch and you can go from the Canyon to the city in no time.



Traveling To…Paris, France

Paris France


Ah, the city of romance. Although I’ve never been, Paris is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. I have been wanting to go ever since I watched Midnight In Paris. I would love to sit in a café at nighttime with my lover and sip wine while wearing a beautiful cocktail dress and…

Sorry, I got a little carried away. But I think that’s bound to happen whenever we dream about Paris. Well, onto the outfit inspired by this romantic place.

Paris France outfit


Give yourself to luxury with this outfit. Inspired by romance, class, and luxury, this outfit mixes beige, pink, and golden tones to make you the object of Hemingway’s…err…your loved one’s affection. You can find more details about the items here.

Traveling To…Roussillon, France

Roussillon France
Traveling To… is a series which takes you to different corners of the world from the comfort of your own home. Each post includes an outfit idea inspired by the destination. This week we are going to the historical Roussillon, France!

Roussillon, France inspires simple romanticism. The history, rusticness, and vibe of the town inspired the following outfit idea:

Roussillon France outfit

The top on this outfit has lace detail, bringing it back to classical times and giving it a romantic feel. The shorts give it a pop of color and the brown leather/gold accessories pull the whole look together giving it a casual, rustic feel. You can see more details of each item here.

Happy Travels!

Traveling To…Portofino, Italy

Today, I’m going to be bringing to you the first post on the Traveling To… series. Every post, I will be featuring one of the places from my Wanderlusting Pinterest board along with a cute outfit ideainspired by that place. That way, we can all travel without ever leaving the comforts of our own place.

When I see this image, I think of color, fine dining, and beautiful nights along the water. Portofino is a fishing village therefore, it’s all centered around seafood and sea-living. What a wonderful thing, in my opinion.

To get that breezy, by-the-sea feel, this outfit is super cute. I’m very into gold right now so I centered all my accessories around the gold touches. You can pair a floral bustier with a midi or maxi skirt in a neutral or pastel color. Wedges are in right now since it’s the summer and the wide-brim hat is just exquisite. I created this look using Polyvore and you can find details about each item here.

Happy travels!