Go Sox!



Playing with light the night the Sox won.


365 Project

I’ve been letting my camera sit around a little too much for my own good. When I got my DSLR I was thinking I would use it every day to take pretty pictures of my daily life and then post them here to show all of you. Unfortunately, that hasn’t really happened. So, as an incentive to expand my creative horizons, I have thought about starting the 365 starting November 1st. The premise is that you take one photo every day for 365 days.

Okay, usually I’m not good with these kinds of projects because I simply forget. However, I’m posting it here as an incentive and as a reminder so that I kind of feel the duty to do that. I would also like you to join me in this adventure. I plan to make a Tumblr to post all my photos (so that I don’t inundate the blog with photos) and possibly also post them on my Pinterest. During the next two days, I will be compiling a ‘shot’ list that I’m going to try to achieve by the end of the year.

Here’s my game plan: Think of it as a 30 day challenge, even a 7 day challenge if I can break it bit by bit because, woah, 365 days is a lot, right?


I’ll be sharing the Pinterest board, the Tumblr page, and the first photos really soon.

xo, Patricia

Do you want to join? Post a link on the comments with where I can find your 365 project. Let’s make this a collaborative project!

First Photos

So I’ve been playing around with my new camera for like a day and it’s been so fun trying to get the right mix of settings to get a good photo. I have no idea what to do when it comes to editing on Photoshop so these photos are all unedited. Bear with me, they are absolutely amateurish but I think it will be fun to show my starting point and then slowly record my progress. Plus, you get a peek of my room and my cutie of a boyfriend. Oh, and some awesome friends on our first night out. Enjoy!

IMG_2496 IMG_2502 IMG_2503Extra love to my A Beautiful Mess Book as well as my favorite styling books, Lauren Conrad’s Beauty and Style.

IMG_2508Keeping these pictures and memories from prom is extremely important to me. Make sure you have pretty framed photographs for your dorm room, especially if your dorms don’t let you hang pictures (with other than tape, which could damage them).

IMG_2509 IMG_2512 IMG_2532 IMG_2535 IMG_2537 IMG_2539

What About Photography?

61QD1V6sZtLI‘ve been obsessed with A Beautiful Mess for more than a year now and the second their book, A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book, came out, I dashed to the nearest Barnes and Noble to buy it. I devoured the book in a few hours and then I was left with a really empty feeling…

So for a few years (more like five) I’ve really been wanting to tackle photography. I’ve read so many books about it, been to so many websites and learned all about f/stops and shutter speed and ISO. But, there was a big problem. I never really got the DSLR I’ve always wanted and my parents (who, for their credit, keep getting me good point and shoots with high megapixel counts) always thought it was too expensive for me to get one.

But now, with the fact that I’m working, I’ve decided to splurge myself at the end of the summer and finally get a DSLR. I’ve done some reading and I’m pretty sure I want to get a Canon Rebel T2i (I’ll probably buy the kit at eBay.) Yeah, I know the kit lenses aren’t the bestest but I figured that I should be cut some slack because a) I’m just starting and b) I’m a college student. So I know my parents (or boyfriend for our first year anniversary *wink wink*) will probably not want to spend a whole bunch of dollaz for a fancy camera when they might be a bit skeptical of my photography skills. So, while I get the hang of things and develop some nice skills and good results, I plan on saving and then convincing my loved ones to gift me a lens (or two? Christmas, anyone?)

Do you have a DSLR? What kind of camera do you use? What lenses do you use? Comment below!

xo, Patricia

P.S. I’ll be doing a detailed review of the book soon.