When In College…

…you’re too busy to even breathe.

As you can tell by the lack of posts, college is taking the life out of me. Between school, friends, and Model United Nations, I barely have time to do anything else. And, let me tell you, I really enjoy my sleep. Sometimes, I find myself wanting to write a post but then I realize that it might not be in my blog’s genre. So I’ve been thinking, instead of stopping this blog and starting a new one, I’ll just refresh Me, Myself, and Boston, and make it a more personal blog about my thoughts and stuff bouncing around my head. There will still be some talk of fashion but I want to be able to blog without having the constraint of a specific theme because that discourages me from posting. I enjoy the blogosphere too much to limit myself into a topic or two.

With that said, here are some things that I have been thinking about in the last few days.

Sweater weather! I’m not completely enthusiastic about the cold but this weather means that I have a legitimate excuse to go shopping. As I’m typing this, a huge order of clothes is going through with sweaters, jackets, scarves, and tights. My favorite right now is this fisherman sweater that I just bought. The color, the texture, oh! I can’t wait.

Inspirational Quotes
I’m currently looking for inspirational quotes that I can use to decorate the walls of my dorm. I have a bunch of posters but my room needs a little extra. Here are some to inspire you, too:



Golden Hair
I really want a hair redo. I’ve been looking at golden tones to lighten my hair but still give it some fresh breeze. I have dark brown hair and I don’t think going too light would look good but I want something to brighten up my face a bit. And no, I do not follow the whole dark hair in winter and light hair in summer. Who cares?


Of course, I can never look like Adriana Lima. Still, I love her hair color.

What’s been in your mind lately?


Traveling To…Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon USA

Every once in a while we’re in need of an outdoor adventure that connects us to the beauty of nature. Although I have never been to the Grand Canyon, my parents tell me it’s absolutely magical. I wish to go sometime and do a road trip to get an adrenaline rush. Adventure!

Grand Canyon USA outfitThis outfit is what I call it sporty chic. Sporty chic can take you both to the actual sporty or can be totally chic. My style tends to be a bit more offbeat. I love crop tops and high waisted pants so of course I would take the opportunity to dress for comfort. The high-top Nike sneakers are totally in. Add in unique friendship bracelets, funky glasses, and a cool watch and you can go from the Canyon to the city in no time.


Jeans I Love

Although I’m from Puerto Rico and jeans aren’t usually my go-to outfit staple, ever since living in Boston, I’ve worn jeans plenty of times. It’s good for every season and I love being able to throw it on for any occasion. I have multiple pairs of jeans but there are so many washes and styles out there that I can’t help wanting more and more. Here are a few of my favorite jeans and brands.


I recently bought the American Apparel Easy Jean and I absolutely love it. They feel like leggings and are really flattering. When buying these jeans, however, I had to buy size large (which I usually don’t even consider) because AA makes their clothes for really thin people and I, being a latina, am definitely very curvy. This is something to consider when buying the Easy Jean but other than that, I love it.

american eagle artist jeans

I absolutely love all American Eagle jeans. The quality is amazing and the fit is so flattering. I have a pair of skinny jeans that I absolutely love and use all the time (I might have to get a new pair soon). However, today, I bought this pair of Artist Jeans online. I’m already obsessed with them! They look super flattering and they seem like a good fit to wear with heels, flats, or booties for the fall. 

Undoubtedly, I will collect more and more jeans over the next few months as the weather turns colder. I’m a big fan of worn in jeans and once the weather is chillier, I like pairing jeans with sweaters, or tops and cardigans on top of it. What are your favorite pairs of jeans and brands?


Traveling To…Paris, France

Paris France


Ah, the city of romance. Although I’ve never been, Paris is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. I have been wanting to go ever since I watched Midnight In Paris. I would love to sit in a café at nighttime with my lover and sip wine while wearing a beautiful cocktail dress and…

Sorry, I got a little carried away. But I think that’s bound to happen whenever we dream about Paris. Well, onto the outfit inspired by this romantic place.

Paris France outfit


Give yourself to luxury with this outfit. Inspired by romance, class, and luxury, this outfit mixes beige, pink, and golden tones to make you the object of Hemingway’s…err…your loved one’s affection. You can find more details about the items here.

Back-To-School Trends

The school year is right around the corner and I have to admit I’m super excited! I always love the new school year. I love the back to school shopping for notebooks, pens, school supplies (I’m obsessed!) and, of course, clothes! So, in order to get Back-To-School ready, I’ve highlighted here the upcoming fell trends and pieces you should get for the new season!

So florals may seem so summer but if you get prints that are dark or set against a darker fabric, you’ll find the girly, summer vibe take full throttle to gothic grunge. I’m in complete love with this jumpsuit from Topshop

I’ve been praising the glories of midi skirts all summer but there is seriously no better transition piece than this type of skirt. The cut will keep you warm as the weather gets chillier but pair with wedges and colorful scarfs to keep it perfectly summery. This one from ASOS can go from day to night in a jiffy.



There’s a thing about denim jackets that just makes me think back-to-school. And if you get the right one, you can definitely pull it off when the weather gets weird and you’re not sure whether it’s going to be sunny or chilly. Pair one with crop tops and shorts at the beginning of the fall season and as it gets colder, opt for denim on denim looks (can look super classy if done right!). This one from Tobi comes in a super fun, unexpected wash.
denim jacket4. TRIBAL PATTERNS
I love tribal patterns in anything from a cute beanie to chunky knit sweaters. This cute skirt has a fun pattern that would go great with dark and light colors (aka perfect transition piece). Pair it with slinky heels for a night out or tights and a sweater and flats for class.


Say goodbye to old boring sweaters. Bring back some life into your fall wardrobe with embellished sweaters or sweaters that have some kind of detail that makes you stand out against the sea of peers. H&M has some cute ones, including this fancy-looking beaded one.



Have a great start to the new year!

Traveling To…Roussillon, France

Roussillon France
Traveling To… is a series which takes you to different corners of the world from the comfort of your own home. Each post includes an outfit idea inspired by the destination. This week we are going to the historical Roussillon, France!

Roussillon, France inspires simple romanticism. The history, rusticness, and vibe of the town inspired the following outfit idea:

Roussillon France outfit

The top on this outfit has lace detail, bringing it back to classical times and giving it a romantic feel. The shorts give it a pop of color and the brown leather/gold accessories pull the whole look together giving it a casual, rustic feel. You can see more details of each item here.

Happy Travels!

Wednesday Wishlist

While out shopping yesterday, I went into Brandy Melville which just opened on Newbury Street. I go some really nice pieces for a great price. I hope to feature them in this blog soon. Anyway, since I’m such a shopaholic, I decided to compose this list with what I think are the trendiest fashion staples for this month.

1. Harem Pants: I love this pair from Urban Outfitters. Also, if you’re not completely happy about the whole Harem Pant look, you can always go with a wide-leg pant made out of a similar fabric. The whole point of this look is comfort and breezyness.


2. Bright Tops: Summer is all about incorporating bright colors into your wardrobe. Depending on your skin tone, you might want to opt for a green color like the one below (usually works better for fairer skins) or coral or red for those with a darker skin tone. This one from Zara gives the perfect vibe.


3. Wedges: Nothing says summer like wedges. You can get a classic brown wedge or you can get one with a cool pattern or design like this one from Nine West. These ones, especially with shorts or a white summer dress would look fantastic!


4. Bright Sunglasses: I am absolutely in love with this Burberry pair. They’re a little bit on the expensive side so this FredFlare pair is just as cute (and you won’t feel bad about getting it ruined after summer shenanigans).

NMD07BF_mx5. Beach Bag: And of course, an essential to every summer wardrobe is a beach bag. Even if you don’t leave in a particularly beachy area, this Tory Burch bag is fashion-forward and definitely has that summer feel. Stuff it with sunscreen, your favorite summer read, and a few snacks, and you’re all set!