Patricia Pérez

I am a rising sophomore at Boston University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Journalism. I’m currently active in Boston University’s International Affairs Association where I participate in the Travel Team, competing in Model United Nations. I collect magazines and usually can’t stay off Netflix for more than a few hours.

As member of BU’s Traveling Team for Model United Nations, I’ve participated in many conferences including UPMUNC, HNMUN, and NYUMUNC as both a General Assembly and Crisis Delegate. The opportunities I’ve had while traveling have been wonderful. I’ve met many intelligent, ambitious people like myself and have gotten to explore cities I’ve never been to. The ties I’ve formed with my team and other delegates have been unbreakable and have made me grow as both a delegate and a person.

My ultimate goal is to become a diplomat, traveling to different countries and learning new cultures while working with fellow diplomats and politicians to make our world a more peaceful one. Along the way, I wish to write for magazines, as well as keep nursing my passion for creative writing and maybe someday publish my own fiction or poetry book.

Although those are my more practical, albeit ambitious, goals, I have hidden passions for many things including anthropology, astronomy, psychology, and literature. Some of my most frequent conflicts is trying to decide between my bookstore owner/fashion stylist/tea enthusiast/physicist/librarian/President dreams. While all that happens, I’m extremely content with learning and discovering. I am fluent in Spanish and English and hope to learn Russian soon.

After living in Puerto Rico all my life, I decided to take the big leap and go to college in one of the best college towns in the whole world, Boston. Here is my journey, starting the summer after freshman year (which, to be honest, was too difficult and busy to have a blog at the time). There’s no set theme for this blog but I hope to record my thoughts as I discover Boston in all aspects.

Where Can You Find Me

E-mail: pa.perezelias@gmail.com or paperez@bu.edu


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