365 Project

I’ve been letting my camera sit around a little too much for my own good. When I got my DSLR I was thinking I would use it every day to take pretty pictures of my daily life and then post them here to show all of you. Unfortunately, that hasn’t really happened. So, as an incentive to expand my creative horizons, I have thought about starting the 365 starting November 1st. The premise is that you take one photo every day for 365 days.

Okay, usually I’m not good with these kinds of projects because I simply forget. However, I’m posting it here as an incentive and as a reminder so that I kind of feel the duty to do that. I would also like you to join me in this adventure. I plan to make a Tumblr to post all my photos (so that I don’t inundate the blog with photos) and possibly also post them on my Pinterest. During the next two days, I will be compiling a ‘shot’ list that I’m going to try to achieve by the end of the year.

Here’s my game plan: Think of it as a 30 day challenge, even a 7 day challenge if I can break it bit by bit because, woah, 365 days is a lot, right?


I’ll be sharing the Pinterest board, the Tumblr page, and the first photos really soon.

xo, Patricia

Do you want to join? Post a link on the comments with where I can find your 365 project. Let’s make this a collaborative project!


2 thoughts on “365 Project

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