Go-To Websites

Hey everyone! Today, I’m bringing you a list of my top five go-to websites/blogs. These websites you should totally bookmark and make them part of your daily reads. I have been visiting these websites long before I ever started blogging and they’ve provided me with all kinds of information AND inspiration, so click away!

01. WhoWhatWear.Com: WhoWhatWear is my absolute favorite fashion website. From celebrity inspiratoin to where to get certain trendy items, I can always find the best style inspo from them.

02TheBeautyDepartment.Com: They have the best beauty and hair tutorials you’ll ever see on the web. I’m not even kidding. They show you everything from the basics to the more glamed-up looks.

03. ABeautifulMess.Com: I’m obsessed with everything that has to do with A Beautiful Mess. From their awesome app to their recipes and photography tips, Emma and Elsie are the best. Their personal posts are really cute, too.

04. HonestlyWTF.com: HonestlyWTF has the BEST DIYs ever. Their DIYs of expensive items look legit and they are so fun to make. They also have a lot of art and visual inspiration.

05. GalaDarling.Com: Gala is so inspirational with her posts about self-love and her tips to value yourself more. Not only that, but her posts range from a lot of different topics.

There you go! Those are my go-to websites for anything I want to get inspiration from. I’m always on the lookout for blogs that have great content that is not just fashion but a wide range of things. What are some of your favorite blogs?


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