What Fashion Doesn’t Teach You

Here’s the thing: I love fashion and art and I believe there’s no better way of showing your personality to someone in less than a second than by wearing your personality. However, what fashion doesn’t teach us is that we are all different. Fashion magazines are filled with models who are size 00 and sometimes, that can be really hard to relate to. Not only do magazines put this pressure on us, but us women are constantly being scrutinized by our appearance. Whether it’s by calling a girl a slut or a prude, there’s no happy medium. And what’s worse? It’s us who are criticizing our appearance. Sure, men sometimes yell nasty things at us on the street but that’s different than having your best friend making you feel fat or your mom saying you have to lose weight. So how do we fix this mentality?

I’m hispanic, which almost always means that I’m going to have a big butt, wide hips, and boobs. Although the last one in that list is not really true, I do have wide hips, thighs, and butt and most of the time, I love them. The other times, though, especially if I’m trying t get into a pair of cuffed shorts, I don’t. Although I have a rather soft belly, I have a small waist and, if it weren’t for my big thighs, I’d assume I’d be a size less. The thing is, I can hardly get a size two past my butt and when I do, even if it might sit comfortably on my midsection, my thighs feel like I’m busting out of my pants.

It has been a struggle for me to love and accept my body, it still is. But I’ve learned that not two bodies are the same and that I will never be stick thin. That’s just not the way I am built. So I’ve vowed to take care of my body as much as I possibly can without restricting myself and feeling unhappy because I need to eat a salad.

Loving your body is not easy to do, especially when you have thousands of ads and celebrities talking about their size 2 bodies. But that’s not fair to you or those who love you. For example, my boyfriend loves that I have big thighs and a soft stomach. There’s more of me to love and I don’t feel fragile. He can rest his head on my belly or my lap and he falls asleep. I find this very endearing. I still struggle to accept my body but here I’ve compiled a list of how to love your body:

1. Embrace the good parts and accept that you can only change the bad parts so much.
2. Stop comparing yourself to models.
3. Don’t be afraid to eat that piece of cake. It won’t kill you and it will probably make you really happy.
4. Give your body a break. Don’t suffer in the gym.
5. Embrace how powerful your body is. Can your legs sustain running a marathon? Do you have flexibility? Do you love the way that cute top looks on you?
6. Treat your body like a temple. Accepting your body does not mean you can let it shrivel up and die. You need to respect it and not do stuff that would damage it.
7. Buy clothes that fit you! Don’t worry about the tags, There’s nothing that would make you feel worse about your body than wearing a size that’s not your right fit.
8. Learn that you probably do not look bad. Sometimes we see a whole other person in the mirror. That person isn’t off. The best clothes you could ever wear is confidence.
9. Love other people’s body, too. There’s nothing better than seeing someone who is confident in their own body. Try to take inspiration from the people who love their bodies instead of those who starve themselves because they’re unhappy.
10. You are beautiful! No matter what size or shape or color or ANYTHING you are.


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