Beauty Links

I have to be the first one to admit that I’m not too big on make-up. I’d rather spend my money on clothes than a few lipsticks. But, I also have to admit that sometimes make-up makes or breaks your outfit. I think there’s a subtle art to how to do your make-up and do it well. Here you’re going to find a small collection of links for make-up and make-up tutorials that I’m dying to try. I’m the kind of girl who usually sticks to foundation, bronzer, delicate eyeliner line, and lip balm for her day look and then adds the smokey eye for the night. I’m so ready to change it up!

01. I’m dying for this RiRi Boy lipstick off of her new MAC collection. I’ve never been a lipstick girl but I think it’s time to change that.

02. This Benefit highlighter needs to happen this summer. I don’t want uneven splochiness on my skin that usually happens during the summer months when I get a little bit too much sun.

03. I know that I will always go to my smokey eye and anything with color on the eyes kind of scares me a bit but this palette from Sephora has my smokey-eye needs as well as other colors that I can add for a pop of dare devil.

04. Because my go-to make-up is always eyeliner, I totally appreciated this tutorial from The Beauty Department. My eyes are my best feature in my face and I’m sure this technique is going to help me make them look amazing every day.

05. WhoWhatWear.Com made this great story for natural-looking make-up. This might actually pump me up for wearing more make-up during the day.


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