Summer Season Means Swimsuit Season

Being raised in PR all my life, it was always swimsuit season for me. However, having lived in Boston for the past 9 months really put life into perspective. I have a new-found appreciation for the sun and the heat. And what better way to celebrate that it’s going to officially (finally) be Summer in two days? Getting new swimsuits, of course! I have explored the web-verse to bring you the best swimsuits out there for every shape and size.


Nothing celebrates swimsuit season more than bright colors and a fun print. This Betsey Johnson set is a fantastic way to say hello during the summer. The skirted bottom, especially, is extra awesome for those girls who have a perkier butt and want some cover up.


For girls who have a smaller bust, a bandeu is a must. This one from Aerie has extra cute detail to make the bust area look fuller.


 I know that for curvy girls, it’s sometimes a complete struggle to find swimsuits that will not make you look frumpy. This one from DKNY provides the best coverage while still being sexy. The V neckline and rouching enable curvy girls to embrace and show off their feminine curves instead of hiding them. Hey, be proud! And if you got it, flaunt it.


I am in love with this Topshop swimsuit. The print and the color are awesome against a tan. Also, the hip-hugging bands that sit really high on the hips enables those with more athletic bodies to show off those strong legs. And the triangle top shows off those awesome shoulders while still keeping everything in.


Speaking of keeping everything in, This awesome suit from Victoria’s Secret is great for those who have a fuller bust. The cool tank-like top will keep the girls in place while still making them pop and look sexy with the beading along the top.

My philosphy is, there’s not any excuse to NOT rock out a swimsuit. There’s a swimsuit out there for every body type. And we all have to remember, the best accessory is CONFIDENCE. So wear it proud!


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