Wednesday Wishlist

While out shopping yesterday, I went into Brandy Melville which just opened on Newbury Street. I go some really nice pieces for a great price. I hope to feature them in this blog soon. Anyway, since I’m such a shopaholic, I decided to compose this list with what I think are the trendiest fashion staples for this month.

1. Harem Pants: I love this pair from Urban Outfitters. Also, if you’re not completely happy about the whole Harem Pant look, you can always go with a wide-leg pant made out of a similar fabric. The whole point of this look is comfort and breezyness.


2. Bright Tops: Summer is all about incorporating bright colors into your wardrobe. Depending on your skin tone, you might want to opt for a green color like the one below (usually works better for fairer skins) or coral or red for those with a darker skin tone. This one from Zara gives the perfect vibe.


3. Wedges: Nothing says summer like wedges. You can get a classic brown wedge or you can get one with a cool pattern or design like this one from Nine West. These ones, especially with shorts or a white summer dress would look fantastic!


4. Bright Sunglasses: I am absolutely in love with this Burberry pair. They’re a little bit on the expensive side so this FredFlare pair is just as cute (and you won’t feel bad about getting it ruined after summer shenanigans).

NMD07BF_mx5. Beach Bag: And of course, an essential to every summer wardrobe is a beach bag. Even if you don’t leave in a particularly beachy area, this Tory Burch bag is fashion-forward and definitely has that summer feel. Stuff it with sunscreen, your favorite summer read, and a few snacks, and you’re all set!



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